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Live Streaming Your Next Big Event with WNYmedia Services


Live streaming -Buffalo, NY
Live Streaming video – Buffalo, NY

There are several reasons why you might choose to live stream an event in 2023:

  1. Reach a wider audience: Live streaming allows you to reach people who are unable to physically attend the event, whether due to geographical distance, cost, or other factors.
  2. Increased engagement: Live streaming creates a sense of immediacy and interactivity that can increase engagement with the event, leading to increased interest and exposure.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Live streaming is often a more cost-effective way to reach a large audience than traditional broadcast methods.
  4. Accessibility: Live streaming makes events more accessible to people with disabilities or other barriers to attendance, increasing inclusivity and diversity.
  5. Convenient and flexible viewing options: Live streaming allows viewers to watch the event from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go, with a variety of devices and platforms.

Overall, live streaming offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive choice for many events in 2023.

There are several reasons why you should hire professionals to live stream your event instead of using your phone:

  1. Technical expertise: Professional live streamers have the technical expertise and equipment necessary to produce high-quality, reliable live streams. This includes cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and network connectivity.
  2. Consistent quality: With professional equipment and expertise, you can ensure a consistent level of quality for your live stream. A poorly lit, shaky, or low-quality video stream can negatively impact the viewer experience.
  3. Dedicated focus: Professional live streamers can focus exclusively on capturing and delivering the event, while attendees who use their phones to live stream may also be distracted by other activities or events happening around them.
  4. Production value: Professional live streamers can enhance the production value of your event with added features such as graphics, special effects, and live switching between multiple camera angles.
  5. Professional presentation: A professional live stream with high-quality audio and video will create a more polished, professional presentation of your event, which can help to increase its impact and reach.

By hiring professionals to live stream your event, you can ensure that your event is captured and broadcast in the best possible way, to reach the largest audience possible.


There are many types of events that can benefit from live streaming in 2023, including:

  1. Conferences and trade shows: Live streaming can help expand the reach of conferences and trade shows to a global audience, making it easier for attendees to connect with speakers and exhibitors.
  2. Concerts and performances: Live streaming concerts and performances can provide a way for fans to experience their favorite artists and shows, even if they can’t attend in person.
  3. Sporting events: Live streaming sports events can allow fans to follow their favorite teams and athletes from anywhere, making it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest games and matches.
  4. Political rallies and protests: Live streaming political rallies and protests can help to bring attention to important social and political issues and help to raise awareness of important causes.
  5. Religious services: Live streaming religious services can make it easier for people to participate in their faith communities, even if they are unable to attend in person.
  6. Corporate events: Live streaming corporate events, such as product launches and shareholder meetings, can help businesses reach a wider audience and increase engagement with their stakeholders.
  7. Personal events: Live streaming personal events, such as weddings and graduations, can help friends and family members who are unable to attend in person to feel more connected to the event.

Overall, there are many types of events that can benefit from live streaming in 2023, depending on the needs and goals of the event organizers and attendees.


There are several groups of people who may want to consider live streaming an event:

  1. Event organizers: Event organizers can use live streaming to reach a larger audience, increase engagement, and build a more diverse and inclusive community around their event.
  2. Businesses: Businesses can use live streaming to showcase their products, services, and events, reach new customers, and build their brand.
  3. Performers and artists: Performers and artists can use live streaming to reach a wider audience, connect with fans, and showcase their work to a global audience.
  4. Religious organizations: Religious organizations can use live streaming to make their services and events more accessible to members who may not be able to attend in person.
  5. Sports teams and organizations: Sports teams and organizations can use live streaming to reach fans who are unable to attend games in person, and to build a stronger community around their team or sport.
  6. Political activists and organizations: Political activists and organizations can use live streaming to raise awareness of important issues and mobilize supporters to take action.
  7. Personal event organizers: Personal event organizers, such as those planning weddings, graduations, and other important life events, can use live streaming to make their event more inclusive and accessible to friends and family members who may not be able to attend in person.

Overall, live streaming can be a valuable tool for a wide range of organizations and individuals, depending on their specific needs and goals.